Day 3: Going Through

This is day 3. No jerking off and no porn. I had to press emergency button though. I had a very erotic dream, an orgy. It was a stupid dream with a cheap storyline of two groups of college goings teens who suddenly have a sex bet and start having it, much more like a pathetic and stupid porn production one but even while writing it I am having a huge craving to let off the steam; go off the testosterone. I want to jerk off so bad but I have to resist every bit of it. This is the problem I am having on day 3, god knows how difficult will be the coming days.

Whenever I get a feeling of jerking off, I have to press the emergency button of NoFap. NoFap is a mobile app by It works wonders sometimes. It has an emergency button to deal with sudden desires and urges. The same buttons are of rejection and depression that come as withdraw symptoms. You press one according to your mood and a beautiful thought displays on your screen. How helpful it is I cannot express it in words. There are sometimes sudden urges, acute urges that need your undivided attention and are beyond your control. They can overpower you easily and at that time the only alternative you have is to either fall into the urge and then deal with the moral dilemma and guilt will follow half an hour later when you get the dopamine rush or CONTROL. This process of control takes the every single bit of determination out of you. You cannot concentrate, you cannot think, you cannot deviate this thought out of your mind; you are simply powerless. The fight will soon be out of your hands if you don’t turn to something. You have to turn to something and what better alternative you have than motivational. And what more motivational is than NoFap.

The NoFap app. The many options it has, it makes it a must app for recovery.

Mr. Awesome has suggested me to have a cold shower as soon as I get the urges. No doubt, cold shower will contract your muscles and will help but I cannot take cold shower everytime. I cannot take them in nights because if I do, I’ll end up having pneumonia! The nights are specially cruel than days because you have a bed and total solitude. Nights are the perfect time to satisfy your hunger and it is the time which I have to resist. Resist till the end. I switched on NoFap last time in emergency and wonderful motivational messages started filling my phone’s screen and the motivation was immensily helpful. Saviour of the night! NoFap!

The motivation pumps you up!

Also, I find myself more productive and little bit more enthusiastic though I know there has not been long time but I feel good. I am exercising regularly. In the cramped apartment I live I cannot exercise like in a gym but I do my daily dose of yoga, push-up, crunches etc. though I feel a little light headed these days but I think it will pass. One thought that I came across youtube while watching a video has struck my mind and I think it will be my motto for quite a few days from now.

The bad time has come but the bad time has not come to stay but to pass.

Repeat this every day after waking up ‘No matter how bad it is, or how bad it is going to get. I am going to make it.’

And yes! I can do it. How bad it may be, how bad it may get. Yes, I am going to make it!


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