Day ‘FU*KING 0’

Yeah, as you might have guessed what is my status now. I fucking relapsed. And guess what, so did mr. Awesome. Great timing, We are a piece of crap! We are scumbags! You went hard and fast but exploded. Yeah, yeah… I get you all. We can be depressed and relapse further and not ever lift ourselves again. We can get into shit and be content in the warmth. We can be content in our nests and never try to spread our wings. But no, we try to rise again. We accept we did wrong. We accept that we were incompetent in our first attempt but hey, who isn’t. Tell me a kid who learned alphabets in one go? Tell me that NASA never failed? Tell me that you never failed!! We all fail. It is a part of life.

Quote from the batman trilogy:

After Ra’s al Gul has taken over Gotham and bruce feels that he has failed. Alfred asks him a question that Bruce’s dad asked him once.
Alfred: Sir, Why do we fall?
(Bruce looks towards alfred with tears in his eyes, he shakes his head in response)
Alfred: We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up!
(Bruce filled with power goes to the city and knocks out Ra’s al Gul)

The best part is that Mr. Awesome and I accept that we have fallen. Even knights of Templar watch has fallen. MARK II is in business.

MARK II (Valid for 10 days)

Hardmode follow up:
Since we have relapsed after a long time, we will be vulnerable to chaser effect. We will try to do more and more until guilt will come over. I believe that even we have relapsed it doesn’t mean that we have not learned anything. The reboot has happened but it is so low that we cannot see it. The guys that have relapsed after 10 days will agree with me that after one ejaculation they have felt great, it is however subsequent ejaculations that kills them. Masturbation is considered healthy because the testosterone is released. We as addicts have released it all our lives and the hormonal imbalance causes frustration and little drive for dopamine too comes back. Porn is a problem, I get it but wanking is a more serious issue  because it is where the fluids will be released. So no touching your wee wee for 10 days,

Increasing connectivity:
Mr. Awesome though being on whatsapp do not have a very great bonding. We are busy with our studies but we do need to have connectivity and bonding. The suggestion is that we need to take up some common activity. Now being more that 5000 miles away we cannot come to each other’s door step for a game of football but we can read same books, share videos on youtube and know each other’s culture and reason. World news is also a great medium. I have no idea about Russian strikes against ISIS. We can talk about that, it will be boring and idiotic to talk about girls and porn all day. It will only make us more vulnerable.

Vulnerable Spots:
I relapsed because of inactivity and frustration. Mr. Awesome had his own reasons. Well, remedies help like cold showers, exercising etc but the main thing is that we need to train the most important organ of our body. BRAIN. If we do not train the brain, we’ll be be on problematic tracks. So, BRAIN for next 10 days, no porn.

We need to follow up the points of MARK I and do the same in our lives, the problems with the world is that we do and what make Germany more powerful in this aspect is that they do not do, they IMPLY. In WWII they were superiors than allies forces because they made the system work and kept it intact every time. We need to learn from this and keep ourselves intact, learn and gradually increase our aim. First 10. Then next 10.

We can do it. We just need to take control of out lives and rise against the adversities.

Quoted from the batman trilogy:
Bruce after forced into prison by Bane goes out to try to get out by climbing the well.
There were chanting from foreign language by the inmates of prison.
Bruce: What are they saying?
Wise old man: RISE!

So rise, rise against the odds. Because we fail and fall, only to get up and win!

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